If there are dramas you would like to recommend 
just leave a comment below ;D

I'm also looking for dramas which are really sad
where the viewer has to cry for hours or litres of tears :))
just like the drama 1litre of tears 

my friend often ask me for such a drama , but i often prefer watching comedy so yeah :))
my head is often empty and i don't know which i can recommend :(

i use the word recommend sooooo often! 


Thanh Hang

Sat, 28 May 2011 13:46:48

right now i'm watching cain and able
it's about a doctor Lee Cho In
who went to china to take part at a surgery

but he was shoot in the head, he could survive but lost his memories.
his girlfriend and his tour guid in china are looking for him.
but others who wanted his death already did a funeral for Lee Chi In


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