Breaking Up? 05/22/2011

To be honest,

I don't understand my boyfriend anymore.
He used to be so sweet , I thought I've met the person I'm gonna live till death seperate us.
But it seems as if I was wrong.

We didn't understand each other for the last few month and I always wanted to break up, cause I couldn't endure it any longer. But I couldn't let go of his hand.
I love him so much, I don't know what to do without him.
He is my everything.
We both changed negatively 
and after a while we couldn't stand it anymore.

Maybe we're not meant for each other ~

It's just that he didn't tell me that he gonna break up, that he don't want to be bother by me anymore.
He just deleted his FB account and deleted me from his contact list in skype and other messangers.
That's worse...
If I wouldn't have checked my FB account I wouldn't find it out.

That's why I wrote him an email, to help him say these words.
I know that it's stupid to break up online ,
but he just didn't want to pick up my phone calls.
I wanted to ask him what he thinks .

There were no other options ,
no other ways to contact him.
And I couldn't wait any longer...
I needed to know the answer,
i needed to know if he breaks up 
if he still want me to stay by his side.
I couldn't wait so I just decided on my own.

I hope I did the right thing.

It's breaking my heart how we ended up.
But it's all over now.
From now on I have to go my way by myself.




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    Seems like I have to walk by myself in winter from now on and

    to the end.

    Cause I don't think I might meet someone special and someone I will love that much as this person I love & 
    will always love.


    To My Love :

    I wish You a Happy life .
    Enjoy every second ,
    don't regret things You have done, 
    cause all that has a Meaning
    it has a Reason.

    Enjoy You life .
    Live well and find a Good girl,
    the Girl who is meant for You.
    The One You want to share You Future and Secrets .

    The Mistakes You gonna do are Leading You to HER.

    Live a Happy life.