From now on 
we have to go seperate ways.

But will we ever meet again?
I know, even if we meet
You wil just ignore me.
Cause we're strangers.


A Movie By Wong Fu Production

Why do I still think of him?
Every time I think of him, I have to cry but I don't want to.
And I've been thinking about him the whole day !

I wonder if he still thinks about me...
If he is also heartbroken?
How long will I be heartbroken?


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    I still remember the first day we've met.
    It was at your house.
    Thanks to our parents 
    so that we got to know each other.

    This time we didn't talk much 
    and I still remember that we went to your house every weekend.
    either your house , my house or these of the others.

    But always when you weren't around I was really sad.
    Cause I was so excited to see you.

    I remember the time we spend together in Vietnam.
    I was so happy, 
    who wouldn't be that if you can spend your time in your home country with the person you love?.

    I still want to go to many countries with you.
    To have beautiful memories with the person who is the most important to me.
    I want to visit Paris, Seoul,Tokyo,Rom,Venedig,London
    and again Vietnam with you.

    But now
    how will it be like to go there by myself or with others?
    It wouldn't be the same.

    I remember the time we understood each other so well.
    The time you tried to stay in contact with me, so you called.

    That day, 
    when you asked me to be your girlfriend,
    I will never forget that, even if your asking was quite unsure and more like a joke.
    Still, it was beautiful.
    We were lying and enjoying the weather.
    You took my hand and keep asking to kiss me.
    Do you know what I was thinking?
    I thought 
    ''Just kiss me you jerk !''
    These are the most beautiful memories to me.
    My precious memories.

    The pictures we took.
    Are you gonna delete them all?
    throw them away just like trash?

    will you miss me?
    you've said that you won't break up, that i'm going to be your wife.
    that we gonna have 11 childs. 
    But you didn't keep your promise, you never did.

    i'm such a fool.

    But still so, you will always stay the most precious person to me.