Yesterday was the 24th june.
It was the anniversary of my boyfriend and me.
I was so excited and it started perfect , it just ended in a disaster.
Both said to break up.

I can't endure it any longer ! He as my boyfriend doesn't even care when I'm hurt.
I'm as a girl of course want my boyfriend to take care of me.
To pay  at least a little attention.
But my boyfriend just doesn't !

Just like today.
I wanted to be pretty for him so I wore high heels.
But after walking a lot my feet hurt so that I couldn't walk anymore.
He just doesn't care about this fact and kept me walking.

It was quite late and he wantet to go up the TV Tower in Berlin. I didn't want to.. cause we had to wait more than an hour and the time we would have left were about 30min.
It's not enough ! And I don't like to rush. Still he wanted to go up ther, so I just followed him.
we waited about 15-20min in the line. That's still alright but I just really couldn't stand any longer.
even now aber 2 hours my feets hurt and I can't walk properly.

Still my boyfirend doesn't care. He kept doing other stuff
like playing Tettis on FB instead of asking me how I am or looking for what I'm doing.

why do I always care for him.

I want to stop that , stop everything !



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