Prague !



I went to Prague the last 3 days.
My Sister , Father , and some of his family members and I went to Prague , Praha for 3days and 2 nights.
Prague is almost just like Rom. It has beautiful outlooks 
but not that many sights as Italy.
My father drove my sis and me 
we somehow got to the Football stadium , the highest place in Praha.
The good thing was that there weren't many people, I guess only about 7 people with us.

It was totally hot but it was still alright.
When I was in Rom with my class the weather was so extremely, I even felt the hot ground.
My ABF is a vietnamese , german.
He's 22 and very nice.
I often talk to when I have problems.
Recently I don't see him online, I can't get in contact with him.
Just because he doen't live in my city :((
He lives close to my city but he still needs about 1-2h by train.
He doesn't have a car :(
Actually he has, even a license but I don't know why he doesn't drive.
And because of that vists he me rarely.
It's fun going out with him, he also bought me many stuff. and also send many things.
I'm really thankful :D
My sister and me we understand each other very well.
There are also times we have a fight, we are both sometimes really brutal and agressive.
Even if I'm 2 years older than her, I have a feeling that she's stronger than me, maybe because she's taller now?

We love taking pictures together.
Funny pictures.
And my sis used to be so cute, yet she's like a beast.
Maybe because she's in her teenage age?
She's still growing , OMG! how much taller is she going to be?!
Many people ask us if she is the older sister. 
I'm quite happy cause that means that I don't look really old.
My sister looks a bit older than me but it's actually only because of her hairstyle.

nevermind, tell me who looks older & be honest :D

It was my mum's birthday.
My mum , her friend , my Baby and me  went to a SteakHouse.
We've already ate there once, but my mum's friends got lost and my stomage hurt so bad so I got really angry and wanted to go home. :D

My Boyfriend repeated me after i've said were we actually were, cause the driver didn't know .___.''
That's why I got totally mad.
And he also got mad at me.
He doesn't understand a woman -.-
but my Boyfriend actually should, u know why?
He someimes is like a girl !

Luckily the evening turned out really good, the food was delicious too !
And my mum got her present <3
and many flowers.
She loves flowers.
I haven't met my good gooooood friends for a long time.
That's why we planned to hang out again.
of cource with my beautiful friend My ( Kay Mira Le )
& my best friend Duni ( Tuan Pham Ngoc )

I hate it so much , cause I can't take properly photos of him.
But it doesn't really matter.

When I go out, I always meet my Boyfriend or My & Duni.
I don't know but they have the best characters to me ,
so that I can feel myself comfortable.
If I meet new people I'm always really shy.

But when they seem sympathetic I will also feel quite comfortable and talk more freely.
But if they're not I wont talk much and just sit in a corner.
I don't know why I'm like that, I actually want to make friends with a lot of people.
I just sometimes don't understand their humor.
What I do understand are pervered sense of humor.
It's because I'm myself am really pervered ;D

So I've met a friend of My 
At the beginning I was thinking what kind of girl she might be and it was so uncomfortable for me.
I thought she wouldn't be nice although I didn't know her.
but as we went to starbucks we could talk and my own protection wall (the reason why i'm shy)
broke. She showed her pervered side and since then was she very sympathetic to me.

We could even chat on FB and tell each other about stuff I didn't tell anyone.
She is just like My, very open.

Sorry , I changed the topic xD

At the day we met again we went to trink Bubble Tea.
and after that we just hang out and chill.
We didn't do much xD
STill it was a nice day. <3
It's always nice to go out with my friends <3

My Boyfriend and me went to McDonald's to eat.
Cause we were hungry
but we actually wanted to go to the library to study but it was too full,
we decided to study somewhere else and McDonald's was the only alternative.
It was a bit loud to study at the beginning so we took some pictures with his McBook
but after a while we got use to it so we stood there for hours to study. o.ö
I think it was about 3-4h .

Even if we often have our fights, I still really enjoy going out with,
spending my whole day with the person I love most !





My Baby 
is just like a little kid <3

We went shopping.
On Friday 20.5.11

and he saw these bubbles so he wanted to buy them.
I thought , Ok..why not it's beautiful anyway and I also do love them ! 


But some seconds after we left the store he already wanted to blow bubbles .
I just thought if he's still a little kid.
guess how old my boyfriend is...??

He is 20 :D

just like a little kid right?
but I don't care , cause he didn't do that ages ago.

so we were at home and he played with it the whole time! xD

    And I took some pictures ;D

My girlfriend and me went on a picnic.
The weather was so perfect and the day also.

It is always nice to go out with her, cause she is someone you can have fun with.
She is open-minded.
She is the best girlfriend you can have.

I keep telling her that I want to have an epilator and so she saw one on sale and showed it to me.
Cause I'm always broken. I don't know why , I keep throwing my cash out for food.

She is sympathetic so I liked her from the beginning .

And I also have to mention that she is sooo cute !
she looks beautiful and like a korean :D
Even if she's not.

I'm the kind of girl who break the contact to someone who isn't sympathetic in my opinion.


His Birthday !

SInce we've been dating, I had so many beautiful memories.
His birthday was funny. !
We celebrated together.
And my present for him was a mobile phone,
even just a cheap one.

I planned to buy it for him about 2month before his birthday.
Because his old mobile phone is really old and yeah :D
so he got 2.

I wanted to kidding him.
so I had to little boxes with the same size.
In the first box which I gave him, were pairs of socks ans some other little stuff, so it feels a little heavy.

He saw the picture on the boxes and thought there would be a mobile phone in it.
HE begun to smile so brightly and he was so happy
but after he opened it his smile was gone for some seconds.
He tried to keep his smiling as bright as before so that I woulnd't see how dissapointed he was.
But I knew it ;D
He gave me a tight hug, so I said ''just kdding baby, here is your real present!''

But after he saw picture of mobiles on the 2, box he almost smiled brightly again
but suddenly he said '' i'm not going to be excited too soon this time''
He opened the box and screamed ''yeeeeah my baby is the best''

Oh I much do I love this moment.

This was a perfect day!