His Birthday !

SInce we've been dating, I had so many beautiful memories.
His birthday was funny. !
We celebrated together.
And my present for him was a mobile phone,
even just a cheap one.

I planned to buy it for him about 2month before his birthday.
Because his old mobile phone is really old and yeah :D
so he got 2.

I wanted to kidding him.
so I had to little boxes with the same size.
In the first box which I gave him, were pairs of socks ans some other little stuff, so it feels a little heavy.

He saw the picture on the boxes and thought there would be a mobile phone in it.
HE begun to smile so brightly and he was so happy
but after he opened it his smile was gone for some seconds.
He tried to keep his smiling as bright as before so that I woulnd't see how dissapointed he was.
But I knew it ;D
He gave me a tight hug, so I said ''just kdding baby, here is your real present!''

But after he saw picture of mobiles on the 2, box he almost smiled brightly again
but suddenly he said '' i'm not going to be excited too soon this time''
He opened the box and screamed ''yeeeeah my baby is the best''

Oh I much do I love this moment.

This was a perfect day!
7/17/2012 05:03:25 am

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