I haven't met my good gooooood friends for a long time.
That's why we planned to hang out again.
of cource with my beautiful friend My ( Kay Mira Le )
& my best friend Duni ( Tuan Pham Ngoc )

I hate it so much , cause I can't take properly photos of him.
But it doesn't really matter.

When I go out, I always meet my Boyfriend or My & Duni.
I don't know but they have the best characters to me ,
so that I can feel myself comfortable.
If I meet new people I'm always really shy.

But when they seem sympathetic I will also feel quite comfortable and talk more freely.
But if they're not I wont talk much and just sit in a corner.
I don't know why I'm like that, I actually want to make friends with a lot of people.
I just sometimes don't understand their humor.
What I do understand are pervered sense of humor.
It's because I'm myself am really pervered ;D

So I've met a friend of My 
At the beginning I was thinking what kind of girl she might be and it was so uncomfortable for me.
I thought she wouldn't be nice although I didn't know her.
but as we went to starbucks we could talk and my own protection wall (the reason why i'm shy)
broke. She showed her pervered side and since then was she very sympathetic to me.

We could even chat on FB and tell each other about stuff I didn't tell anyone.
She is just like My, very open.

Sorry , I changed the topic xD

At the day we met again we went to trink Bubble Tea.
and after that we just hang out and chill.
We didn't do much xD
STill it was a nice day. <3
It's always nice to go out with my friends <3

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