Hi ,

I'm Nini and my life is not the best.
I go through a lot of hardships and I would really like to throw it away but I can't because of my mom.

Since I'm 12 years old I cried a lot by myself.
I always wait for everyone to sleep so that no one saw or heard me crying.
And sine I'm 12 I've also wanted to die, so I decided to die with 19.

Now I'm 17 and I don't know how I'm supposed to do that.
because I can't just throw my life away and leave the people I really love.
I didn't thought about that before.
Cause then I wouldn't have made friends with those nice people who are now a part of me.
And my Boyfriend.
We know each other for such a long time, I think it has been more than 7 years by now.

And I've loved him since the day we've met.
I'm happy that I've found him. But the cuttest part was when he told me that he also loved me since then.

We've been dating for just almost a year, cause we both weren't sure if the other was also in love.
or if it was a one-sighted love.

I'm really happy to have found him and that he's the one I'm spending time with.

But still...
2011 isn't my year, I did so many mistakes to make my mom worry.
And I'm really sorry, I haven't thought about my action, I wish I could turn back time to do everything correctly.
I'm really sorry , I love you mom.
You are the one I love most, but I can't show my feelings and I get angry often.
But you gave birth to me, you take care of me.
you love me and my sis.
And you are the most beautiful woman alive !!!


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