Can you believe that?

He called me about midnight to tell me that he was sorry.
He can'T broke up.
Honestly I'm totally glad that we didn't broke up.
But still, it kind of going to annoy me to say that we gonna break up each time we have a fight.

I want to clarify so that we don'T even have to say these words which breaks my heart each time.
The last 6 month were the worst for me, cause he broke my heart very often since then, also once he went on a trip with his friends, but I already forgave him. Still I will never forget his mistake.
Right now I think it was just a little mistake, it's not the biggest deal cause everyone makes mistakes 
just like me in the last 2month and I'm really worrying.
It's not over yet.

2more years and everything will be over, I hope I will have the courage then.

Just wanted to tell you that we didn'T broke up.

so good night world.
have a nice dream and sleep tight. <3
tomorrow is gonna be a new day, which means a new day to enjoy your life <3

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