Min-joon (Uhm Jung-hwa) is a believer in true love and always very dedicated to her current boyfriend. However, men always break up with her - her latest boyfriend ends their relationship on her birthday.
Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney) has very clear ideas about a relationship and love: both are a game of power and Min-Joon seeks advice from him, as she doesn't want to get dumped again.
Heiden, who has to deal with his own heartbreak, as he loved a woman so much that she had to shoot him to get the message across that she wasn't interested in him, starts to soften at Min-joon's attitude towards life. He eventually falls in love with her and both get into a real relationship and a happy ending of their own.

5/28/2011 09:54:40 pm

because i love daniel henney , i watched this movie
abdyet i also love this movie.

was totally heartaching for me
just don't really like the actress 'cause she's kinda old looking for him,
they should have look for a younger actress

my opinion


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