I can't trust my Boyfriend any longer.

I went to my boyfriend on thursday.
Because I was quit late so I ran.
But After I arrived there, I was shocked.

There was another girl.
A friend of him, I was shocked cause I knew that she slept over.

I was at his house the day before.
Suddenly he called me in the noon after I was at home.
He told me that he's going to go to the cinema.
But he didn't told me that he will only go with the other girl.

But even so, I knew  it.
And I also knew that she slept over when I arrived.
He only said we just relaxed so why are you suddenly changed?

I was angry and disgusted.
Who actually wouldn't ? If you see your boyfriend let a girl sleep over?

Any time he does it. He knows that I will get angry !
So I'm totally dissappointed of him !
I doubt about what he keeps saying to me.
That I'm important , that he loves me more than anyone else.

I don't believe it.

He slept over at her house so many times.
and she also at his house.

I already told him after the 1st time since we were dating that I can't stand it.

Honestly who would sleep over another girl's house when the boy already dates a gril???

even if he says, that they are like best friends, that she's not his typ or anything else.
It doesn't matter cause the fact is that they planed to watch a movie by themselves and that he didn't even told her to go home !

No matter how often he's going to apologize, I can't forgive him.
He already apologized to many times !!

He doesn't care about my feeling,
it seems like I don't mean anything to him.

But when I chat with my friends( boys) he keeps mention it.
after that what he did, idk why but my love towards him gets quit blurry. I'm not sure about breaking up.
So get let myself some time thinking.
Because of that I told my ABF that I miss him.
I didn't see him for about half a year and we chat so rare lately.
He too busy coming onl.
My BF es well , we see each other just 1-2 times a months. so I chat with him everyday.

But my boyfriend get's angry and keep saying I chat with too many boys.
It's because I have more male friends than female friends !

At least I don't let them sleep over either sleep over at their house.
with just both of us.