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this website is still under work


This website is about drama , movie & anime I've watched & really really love
so that I recommend them to you.
I just started this website, so there are still a lot of work left for me :D

If you also have dramas, movies or anime you would like to
recommend, just leave a comment below :

for korean dramas :

korean movies :

Hong Kong drama :
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anime :

This website is open for everyone who loves all these, it doesn't matter what kind of 
movie, drama or anime it is.

I love it all <3!

I also wrote a little about myself and my life.

The moments I enjoy.

If it was a dream, let me never wake up.
If it was a wish, please let it come true.
If it was a movie, let me see it play.
If it was a song, let my heart sing it loud.
If it was a scene, let it play in my mind.
If it was you, let me never forget..

thanks for visiting my website ;D